Emmanuel Ryon

The main miracle-worker of our confectionery laboratory «Grand Labo» is Emmanuel Ryon. A true couturier making the desserts not only delicious, which is very important by itself, but also delightful to look at.

Emmanuel Ryon was born in France. Since he was little he dreamt of mastering the confectionery art. The family tried to dissuade him, as they did not consider it to be a prestigious occupation. But the desire and the persistance helped him fulfil a cherished dream and reach great heights. It could seem strange but Emmanuel took only the first places in the professional competitions!


After all, even Emmanuel's family acknowledged that the desire to become a pastry-chef was not so strange after all – Emmanuel has a real talent for that!

The first important victory arrived in 1996. Emmanuel Ryon won the ice-sculpture Championship in France then. The victory in the World Confectionery Championship followed in 1999. The winner of this championship is considered the best pastry-chef in the world!


In 2000 Emmanuel Ryon won the most prestigious French competition - «The best professional of France». The winner gets the lifelong right to wear a blue-white-red (the national colours of France) collar on his professional uniform.


The book by E. Ryon «Art of Ice Cream and Sorbets» including 230 recipes was published in France in 2002. Two more books written in participation with Emmanuel Ryon are being made ready for publishing.


Emmanuel has given the master-classes in Japan, America, Mexico, Greece, Spain, Marocco and in China. For six years, prior to his arrival to Moscow, he gave the advance training classes at a French academy Bellouet Conseile. That is where he was discovered by a restaurateur and an artist Andrey Dellos. This meeting determined his future career.


Recently, Emmanuel has added a title of Cacao Barry Ambassador to his list of regalia, entering the «Ambassador Club» of a famous chocolate brand.


Since 2005 he has been working in Moscow, heading our confectionery laboratory «Grand Labo». The main assistant of Emmanuel Ryon is the sous-chef Johann Wachseler – a talented and promising young confectioner. Just as Emmanuel he also had worked in the best pastry-shops in France.