Bespoke Cakes

What ideas come to your mind when you hear the phrase ‘a wedding cake’? Impeccable taste and design, luxury and elegance? We are glad to turn your design into reality and make a celebration-worthy cake.

We are always happy to receive your ideas on the decoration of your cake. Please submit your requests in advance (no later than two days before the order receipt), depending on the complexity of work. Please take notice that pre-payment should be made at least 2 days before the expected delivery/pickup date in order for us to start production.

To place an order for your cake, please fill in the form below or call us:
+7(495) 604-42-80

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Ladies and gentlemen, Café Pouchkine Confectionary has a pleasure to help you decorate your celebration or notable occasion. Handmade especially for you, our confections and cakes give free rein to your fantasies and may be based on most intricate designs.
Our master confectioners create sweet masterpieces of diverse shapes, flavours and colours. You can opt for classical tastes, such as raspberry and lemon, yoghurt or chocolate cakes, honey cake (medovik) or pigeon milk (ptichye moloko), as well as more original flavours that you would suggest yourself. A luxury multi-tier cake bewildering by the splendor of colours, tastes and aromas, or elegant pastries in the minimalist style – the choice is only restricted by your will and imagination.
And do not forget about decorations! Exquisite, delicate and whimsical, they look as if they were handmade by a crafty jeweller. We will give you an opportunity to turn any of your artistic visions into reality whatever sophisticated they may be – graceful figurines, exuberant flowers of caramel and chocolate, fancy marzipan tracery or inimitable icing embroidery.

Your cake can be of any weight, starting from 1kg. Production time varies between 2 days and one week depending on the order complexity. Order delivery is available upon request, and complicated cakes can be assembled by our confectioner at the venue.

Wedding Cakes Bound to Amaze