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What images does the phrase “an ideal cake” conjure up in your mind? Superb flavour and design, splendour and elegance? We will be happy to turn your idea into reality and create a cake that is ideally suited to your event, be it a wedding, birthday or anniversary. We approach each commission with the utmost care and always keep the customer’s wishes in mind. Please fill in the form below or call us, and we shall call you back to discuss your requirements in detail.

Заполните, пожалуйста, форму заказа или звоните нам по телефону +7(495) 604 42 80, и мы свяжемся с вами для обсуждения деталей.

торты на заказ в кондитерской Кафе Пушкинъ

Please bear in mind that all orders need to be placed in good time (no later than two days before the order is to be delivered) and the time required will depend on the complexity of the cake.
In order for us to start work on your order, payment should be made at least two days in advance.

Placing an order

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Нажимая кнопку отправить, вы соглашаетесь с Пользовательским соглашением и выражаете согласие на обработку персональных данных.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we at the Café Pushkin Patisserie will be happy to put the finishing touch to your celebration or other important event by hand crafting sweets or cakes to your personal design, however complex it is.

And don’t forget about the finishing decorations! Whether dainty, elegant or flamboyant, your cake will be decorated by hand, as if by a master jeweller. We are able to realise your most extravagant artistic flights of fancy, whether it is beautifully crafted figures, luxuriant flowers made of caramel and chocolate, elegant marzipan tracery or a unique monogram in royal icing. And the cake can be any size you want, from 1 kg upwards. We will need from 2 days to a week to make the cake, depending on the complexity of the order. If you wish, we can deliver the cake to your door, and, if it is very complex, our pastrycook can assemble it in your home or office.

Examples of our cakes