Pastry Chef

New creative pastry chef of patisserie “Café Pushkin” is a young and talented 28-year-old Nina Metayer .

Having spent her childhood in La Rochelle, with her Russian grandmother, Nina Métayer got acquainted with Russian culture. She has a natural gift to feel the Russian hints in French dishes, and to catch the French influence in traditional Russian cuisine. Nina Métayer has got the initial training in her craft in the bakeries of Mexico and Australia. Then she continued her studies at the Ferrandi school in 2009. At the end of her studies, Nina Métayer worked in restaurant Le Meurice under the auspices of chef Yannick Allénoand and pastry-chef Camille Lesecq; then, following the recommendation of Amandine Chaignot, Nina joined the hotel of Raphaël. In September 2015, Nina got hired at Le Grand Restaurant, whose chief, Jean-François Piège, had two Michelin stars.

The finalist of the third season of “Who will be the next big pastry chef” show, Nina Métayer was nominated among the best dessert-makers of 2016 by the Lebey guide, before being chosen the pastry chef of the year by the Le Chef magazine, and in 2017, by the Gault et Millau guide. “I would love to open a shop one day, it would be ideal for me because I like variety. But my dream would be to pass the contest of the Best Worker of France “, – explained Nina Métayer in her interview to Atabula. “We were obviously looking for a great talent, but also and above all – we sought to find a personality at the level of our ideals. Nina’s creations were exactly what we were looking for: frank tastes, natural elegance, a touching softness and this double French-Russian influence, “- says Stéphane Jitiaux, CEO of Café Pushkin, recalling that Nina Métayer has a Russian grandmother.