Story of the patisserie

In 2006, “Café Pushkin” patisserie was opened next to the famous restaurant. Andrey Dellos, who personally supervised the interior decoration, turned it into a Moscow symbol of the refined and sophisticated French patisserie. A luxury baroque dresser with antique Chinese porcelain, furniture in gentle opaline, pearly silver and blue shades, gilt and crystal – all this creates a great atmosphere of a French palace of the XVIIIth century. The staff dressed in the spirit of that time contributes to complete the atmosphere and transport the guests from the modern capital to Paris, Venice or St.Petersburg of kings and emperors times.

However, the most exciting are desserts – the pastry chef and a real master, manually creates extraordinary cakes, biscuits, sherbets and candies decorated with berries and gold leaves which are real works of art. All desserts are made only of premium quality products delivered to the shop directly from France.

The Café Pushkin Patisserie is a perfect place to catch up with friends and family. One can not only have tea or coffee with dessert in the patisserie, but also enjoy lunch or dinner ordered from the nearby “Café Pushkin” restaurant menu.